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When completing the reservation form, take into account children from 12 years of age within the total number of people. Children 11 years or younger do not add them in the total of people, just put it in the comments. We remind you that the maximum number of people per dome is 4.

Please send your proof of payment by WhatsApp to 984 311 4750 in a maximum of 24 hours to confirm and secure your reservation.


  • Check in from 15:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs
  • Check out before 11:00 hrs
  • Outside Guests are not allowed on the premises or inside the domes.
  • Maximum of 2 children under 12 year old per room (free of charge)
  • Additional adults and children over 12 years old will incur an extra 20% charge of the total amout of the reservation.
  • Maximum occupancy per dome of 4 guests.
  • Parties or amplified music are not allowed.
  • Respect and take care of the premises and facilities.
  • Please keep the kitchen area clean. Wash the dishes, collect garbage and store your food.
  • Please keep your belongings in your room and lock it. If you require we have a safe for our guest use, request it if you require it.
  • Please verify that you take all your belongings s with you
  • It is forbidden to have intimate acts in public areas.
  • Check out after 11:00 hr will incur an extra 50% charge of the nightly rate , subject to availability.
  • Check out after 17:30 hr will incur an extra 50% charge of the nightly rate , subject to availability.
  • Our staff will be happy to help you from 8:00 hr to 20:00 hr. After 20:00 hr only emergencies.

Pet Regulations and Policies

At K'u' Kuk Glamping your pet is also WELCOME

In order to make your stay and that of your pet as pleasant as possible and not cause any discomfort for the rest of the guests, we invite you to read the conditions of admission of pets in our glamping.

  • PERMITTED ANIMALS: Dogs and cats (polite and friendly, in such a way that violent or aggressive pets are not accepted), so access to pets of other species is not allowed
    Small, up to 10Kg,$USD 0 / day the night.
    Medium, from 11Kg to 25Kg $USD 0 / day the night.
    Large, from 26 to 55Kg $USD 0 / day the night.
    MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 55 Kilos
    INCLUDES: Food plate (food not included), water trough, garbage bags, area to rinse your pet and towel to dry it.
    Deposit of $ 2,000.00 MXN to be paid in cash upon arrival, which will be returned upon departure. If there is any damage caused by your pet, the money will be taken from your deposit. If the damage is greater, the additional money will be requested.
  • RESERVATIONS: A maximum of two pets per room is allowed. Room reservations can never be exclusively for pets.
  • ENTRY: To allow access to the pet, it must be clean and it is necessary for the owner to present the Vaccination Card upon arrival, which must be current and with the date of its last deworming (no more than 6 months old), flea collar or front line on a primer.
    When allowing access to the pet, the owner must sign the Pet Policies and the Responsive Letter duly filled out with your pet's data.
  • ECONOMIC CONDITIONS: A guarantee deposit of $USD 100.00 in cash is required at Check in, for possible damages. In case of damage, the company will keep the full amount of the deposit, in case of greater damage, the guest must cover the difference. If there is no damage, the full deposit will be returned at Check out.
  • USE OF COMMON AREAS: Pets can use the gardens and stream under supervision and carrying their leash. They will not be able to use the pool or jacuzzi.
  • CLEANING: The owner must collect the waste (feces) of his pet and throw it in the basket indicated for that purpose and in the same way he must clean the areas that his pet dirty (inside and outside the room).
  • NOISE AND ANNOYANCE POLICY: The pet owner undertakes not to disturb the tranquility of the other guests and in case of noise or disturbances caused by the pet, Glamping reserves the right to ask the guest and their pet to vacate the room
  • USE OF STRAP: The use of a strap is mandatory at all times.
  • INSIDE THE ROOMS: It is strictly forbidden to put pets on the bed and furniture, as well as to use towels or sheets in the room to dry and / or clean the pet. In the latter case, the administration will provide you with a towel for your pet destined for such use.
    There will be an additional charge for each quilt, sheet, coverlet and / or towel with the pet's smell, footprint or hair.
    Pets will be allowed to be left alone in the rooms in their corresponding carrier cages, as long as they do not make noise and do not cause annoyance for other guests. The administrator must be notified without exception and if for any reason we believe it appropriate, they will not be allowed to remain alone.
  • GENERAL POINTS: K'u'Kuk Glamping disclaims any responsibility in the event that the pet becomes ill, escapes or suffers an accident while within our facilities.
    At all times the guest is responsible for their pet and its behavior and disclaims any responsibility to the employees and staff of K'u'Kuk Glamping, as well as the owners of the facilities and the company that operates it.
    K'u'Kuk Glamping reserves the right to deny entry to any pet for any reason, at any time if it lacks Vaccination tests, show signs of potentially contagious conditions, show aggressive behavior or that violates Glamping policies.
    It is the guest's responsibility to carefully read each of the points marked in this regulation and comply with them.

Cancellation Policies